Pallet To define the cover, Pallet cover is an industrial product obtained from polyethylene raw material and produced in different sizes and thicknesses according to the usage area. They are produced in the form of rolls or bags. UV, anti slip and anti static additive materials can be added and special production can be done as Mimsan Packaging.

Pallet Covered Printed and Unprinted Pallet cover is produced in 2 types.

In addition, “Pallet Pallet Cover” as Yada “Perforated Pallet Cover” production is done.

Pallet Covered Sample Applications

Pallets are wrapped on pallets like a hat.
Pallet cover and liquid bottle packaging are used.
Pallet cover and food packages are also used for packaging and shipment.
Pallet cover is also used in the metal industry.
Package Covered white goods are used for packaging and shipment.
Nylon pallet cover is also used in palletizing of electronic goods.
Many industrial areas such as nylon pallet cover and ceramic packaging are used.
Nylon pallet cover is used for agricultural pallet and for shipment.
Nylon Pallet Overlay is used in products in construction sector.
Nylon pallet cover The chemical industry is used for palletizing and shipping products.
Nylon pallet cover is used for palletizing and shipment of furniture and especially mattresses.
In addition, pallet covers are generally used for palletizing, stocking, and shipping all products.

How to package with pallet cover?

The pallet cover (thickness-size) determined according to the weight of the material to be packed is subjected to heat treatment by passing it over like the hat of the material to be packed. During this process, the pallet cover gives a transverse and longitudinal pull reaction. Thanks to this reaction, the material is fully wrapped. After this process, the pallet covered under cold weather freezes to the shape of the material, which prevents the material from swinging, overturning and flowing, and at the same time, it is protected from external factors and provides ease of transportation.

Pallet Cover Features

Products packed with pallet cover are more economical and easier to use than other similar packaging forms.
Products wrapped with pallet cover can be stretched up to 300% in automatic wrapping machines.
Products wrapped with Pallet Cover can be stretched from -40 ° C to + 80 ° C under normal conditions.
With Pallet Overlay, wrapping sharp edges in packaging is flexible and strong.
Pallet Covering can protect items placed on pallets from many unfavorable conditions that can occur during storage and transportation
Pallets In order to provide better protection of palletized products which are kept for a long time during storage, different additives are added to prolong the life of pallet covers and protect the products in the pallet for a much longer time.
Pallet Shields are wrapped on top of palletized products and pulled to the width and length with the applied heat to tighten the product very tightly to prevent the products from falling and tilting during shipment to protect the palletized products in the best way.
Packaging Automatic manual handling; Pallet Cover is suitable.

Pallet Cover It is transparent and bright.
Pallet cover can produce the desired color film.
Photo and colorful flexo printing can be done on the pallet cover surface.
Pallet cover can optionally be added with UV additive (high resistance with UV additive and long life in storage).
Our pallet cover production has anti static and slip feature.
Our pallet cover production has high heat resistance.