Shrink Film, Low density polyethylene. Flexo printing on the surface of films. For all products that can be packaged, it is the kind of packaging that is made by wrapping the products with heat treatment with shrinking nylon. Shrink Films are heat treated together with products to wrap the product tightly according to the shape. It is an ideal and economical packaging method that can be easily applied.

It is a healthy, practical and economical packaging method of PE shrink film products used in industrial field and many sectors. Produced in rolls, transparent and flexible.

Shrink Film is an industrial product obtained from polyethylene raw material and produced in different sizes and thicknesses according to usage area.

P.E. Shrink Roll Properties

Shrink Rolls the wrapping according to the shape of the product.
Shrink Roll Packs are rolled.
When the product is wrapped with the Shrink Roll, the shine gives transparency to the product.
Shrink Extend shelf life and protect product.
The tiring process is carried out using shrinking lines and furnaces.
Shrink Provides roll heat protection.
Shrink Roll can be produced in color and printed.

P.E. Shrink Roll Production

Shrink Roller Unprinted and printed with holes up to 15 cm denier up to 300 cm and without hole production.

Shrink The production thickness of the roll is between 30mic and 200mic. The weight of the weight to be packed is different according to usage and storage conditions.

P.E. Shrink Place of Use

It is used to pack shrink.
PE Shrink film, parcel, package or stacking products are wrapped in filmin heat treatment and used for packaging purposes.
Shrink is used to deliver the product in one piece, without damage.
Shrink shrink nylon is used in many sectors such as food, beverage, chemical, furniture, electronics and metal.
In addition, Shrink Roll is used in many industrial areas such as water and liquid bottle packaging, furniture sector, food packaging, metal industry, white goods, electronics, ceramic packaging.

P.E. Shrink Roller Application

The shrink film (thickness-size) determined according to the weight of the material to be packed is subjected to heat treatment by wrapping it on the material to be packed. During this process, the heat shrink film gives a transverse and longitudinal stretching reaction. Thanks to this reaction, the material is fully wrapped. After this process, the film subjected to cold weather is frozen and wrapped on the material.

P.E. Advantages of Shrink Film

Shrink protects the products from damage during transport and storage in dusty and sunlight-protected products.
Shrink Film is transparent, light and economical
Shrink protects products from external factors such as hot, cold, rain, dust and dirt
Shrink Roll facilitates transport of products in bulk.
When the product is wrapped with the Shrink Roll, the shine gives transparency to the product.
Shrink Roller wrapping extends the shelf life and protects the product.
Shrink Roll packing facilitates transport.