Thick Ground Cover is an industrial product obtained from polyethylene raw material and produced in different sizes and thicknesses according to usage area. Thick Floor Covering, which is called “Piratic Floor Covering”, is a product used during renovation and cleaning works and whitewashing, to protect the goods in your paint works.

P.E Practical Ground Cover – Thick Ground Cover Measures

Product Area Dimensions
Thick Ground Cover 10 m2 4mx2,5m
Thick Ground Cover 20 m2 4mx5m
Thick Ground Cover 32 m2 4mx8m
Thick Ground Cover 50 m2 4mx12,5m

Thick Floor Cover Features

Prevents damage to electronic devices that are susceptible to dust and contamination
Protect your property during renovation and cleaning work.
It does not pollute the environment.
Made of thick nylon.
Resistant to all weather conditions
You can use it for many years with its cleanable feature.