Nylon tarpaulin is produced from 100 microns to 300 cm, from 50 microns to 250 microns, in different qualities and thicknesses. Nylon tarpaulin is used in many areas. In addition, nylon tarpaulin is a recycled product, so it does not harm the environment.

In the nylon canvas construction sector, there are generally nylon under concrete and nylon over concrete, building and roof insulation, furniture packaging in furniture sector, Nylon Canvas and its usage in many sectors during shipment. Nylon tarpaulin 1. We produce as quality and recycled raw material and second quality as Mimsan.

Many industrial areas such as Nylon Branda ceramic packaging are used
Nylon Canvas Used in agricultural packaging and shipment.
Nylon Branda is used in products in construction sector.
Nylon Branda Chemical industry is used for packaging and shipping of products
Nylon tarpaulins are used in construction sites.
Nylon tarpaulin is used for electronic goods
In addition, Nylon tarpaulin is generally used for the packaging, storage, and shipment of all products.
Nylon Branda is also used in the metal industry

Measure 1 Measure 2 Product
100 cm 50micron – 500micron between Naylon Brenda
150 cm 50 micron – 400 micron between Naylon Branda
200 cm 50 micron – 300 micron between Naylon Branda
250 cm 50 micron – 250 micron between Naylon Brenda
270 cm 50 micron – 200 micron between Naylon Brenda

Nylon canvas used by painters for protection
Under construction concrete nylon tarpaulin
Nylon tarpaulin as insulation nylon
Nylon under roof is used for heat insulation and nylon canvas is used for insulation in outer facades.
Nylon tarpaulin used for weatherproof materials
Nylon Canvas white goods are used.