Machine Streci Properties

Machine Streci can be produced as a single or double side adhesive, inner or outer slipper U.V.
Machine Streci It can be stretched up to 300% in automatic winding machines.
High quality octane based EWSAN mobile is produced.
Machine Stretch It can be stretched from -40 ° C to + 80 ° C under nominal conditions.

Examples of Strech Film Used with Machine

The machine is used to pack Streci.
Machine Streci is used to transport the product in one piece, without damage.

Strech Film used as a machine is an economical load-wrap packaging method. Makina Streci produced from polyethylene raw materials fully protects products with or without pallets from wetting, dusting and dispersing.

Our stretch films produced in the sizes stated in the Strech Film Production Measurement Table with the machine will stop the time loss during stocking loading shipment. Makina Streci is produced with 3 layer coex single-sided adhesive and 5 layer oszlarak and cast film technique with superior technology and is resistant to tearing. It has the property of stretching and elongation.

Stretch Film Production Measures Used With Machines

Measure 1 Measure 2 Measure 3 Product
50 cm 23 mic 300 m Strech Film 6 units / Packet
50 cm 17 mic 300 m Strech Film 6 units / Packet
50 cm 17 mic 1500 m Strech Film Single Packing
50 cm 23 mic 1500 m Strech Film Single Packing

Advantages of Stretch Film Used with Machine

Machine Streci protects the products safely in transportation and storage stages, damages that may occur in the products caused by pollution and sunlight.
Machine Streci Used to pack the load as conveniently as possible, stable and at the lowest labor cost.
Machine Streci does not get any dust or dirt on the outer surface because it is glossy and slippery.
Strech (stretch) Film is transparent, light and economical
Machine Stretch Film can be used in all kinds of products packaged.
Machine Streci prevents the pallets from sticking together.
Stretch Film is safe and economical in the packaging of swollen products
Thanks to its flexibility; Machine Streci is not affected by sharp or sharp edges, it does not need rope or needles.
Makina Streci Resistant to all weather conditions as it protects the products from external factors such as hot, cold, rain, dust and dirt