Printed Case Sample Applications

Weirdies use a printed bag
Printed Bags are used in Photographers, Photography Studios and Stationary Stores.
Printed Bags are used in Clothing Stores and all textile products.
Printed Bag for Mobile Phone Sales and Technical Service is used.
Printed Bags are used for Computer Sales and Technical Services.
Printed Bags are used for Curtains and Dowry Shops.
Perfumery, Bujiteri and Cosmetic Shops Printed Bags are used.
Printed bag is used in Shoe stores.

Printed Bag, Mimsan Packaging quality, LDPE, HDPE, MDPE materials; From 200 mm to 600 mm wide and 6 colors can be done with flexo printed or without printing. Printed printed bags are produced in different colors and quality.

Printed Bag Types

Classical Type Printed Bag
Hand Over Type Printed Bag
Athletic Printed Bags
Printed Hand Bag with Soft Handle